Hostility and Confusion (Le Journal de Montréal)

By: Domonique Scali
Originally published on: April 10, 2015
Original French text here:

QMI Photo Agency, JOËL LEMAY | Police officers and protesters exchanges “pleasantries” throughout the evening.

The protest last night in Montreal unfolded amidst confusion and hostility, as had been the case all week.

Several hundred students assembled last night in Saint-Louis Square where the festive atmosphere quickly turned to chaos.

Successive police maneuvers incited erratic crowd movements, causing protestors to scatter in all directions.

The police were particularly swift to intervene last night. Two kettlings of forty or so protesters quickly put an end to the demonstration, barely an hour after it started.

QMI PHOTO AGENCY, PASCAL GIRARD | Once again, police officers made several arrests during last night’s protest.

Journalists Hit
Several of the journalists present, including a Journal representative, were hit by police on bicycle.

Thus ends a week in which tensions ran high between students and police.

The height of the crisis occurred Wednesday, when students were arrested inside a building UQAM’s campus, prompting others to occupy the space.

That premises was the site of numerous acts of vandalism. At press time, it is not known how many people have been arrested.

QMI PHOTO AGENCY, PASCAL GIRARD Once again, police officers made several arrests during last night’s protest.



Translated from the original French by Language and Dissent, a collectively-run blog supporting the anti-austerity struggle in Quebec. These are amateur translations written by volunteers; we have done our best to translate these pieces fairly and coherently, but the final texts may have their flaws. If you find any important errors in any of these texts, we would be very grateful if you would share them with us via email (languageanddissent [at] gmail [dot] com). Please read and distribute these texts in the spirit in which they were intended; that of solidarity and the sharing of information.

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