The morning after the protest (Le Devoir)

By: Martine B. Côté, Quebec City
Originally published on: October 2 2015 (Letter sent on September 30 2015)
Original French text here:

Like on every morning after a protest, I’m irate. All through the day, I cringe at each and every mention in the media of “citizens held hostage” and at headlines such as “Teachers play hooky”.

That we lament a protest for hindering our daily routine is a sign of our failure to take responsibility. We have shirked our responsibilities as citizens who struggle, minimally at that, to not yield everything to the world’s powerful. The 1% gave us our 4%: we have been relegated to the role of taxpayer who takes changes lying down. Sadder yet is that we stand behind our leaders while renouncing those who struggle to earn a better living and greater well-being. Even if we are not bosses, or rulers, or powerful.
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