Obituary – Quebec’s universal public healthcare system (IRSC Research Chair / Health, Policy and Evidence)

By: IRSC Research Chair / Health, Policy and Evidence
Originally published on: October 29 2015
Original French text here:

1970 – 2015


It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Quebec’s universal public healthcare system today following a lengthy and painful demise.

Over the course of its 45-year existence, Quebec’s universal public healthcare system saved countless lives, prevented disasters, delivered entire families from destitution, all while helping many professionals make a fortune.
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We stand in solidarity with our teachers (Le Devoir)

By: Myriam Boileau, Pénélope Dulude-de-Broin and Marie Longpré – grade 10 & 11 students, respectively, as well as all members of the Association militante des élèves du secondaire (AMES) [High School Activist Student Association]
Originally published on: September 30 2015
Original French text here:

Photo: Annik MH De Carufel, Le Devoir | We cannot stress this enough: your work conditions are our own learning conditions, students say to their teacher
To Quebec’s public school teachers,
As high school students, we are acutely aware of the direction that Quebec has been veering towards in the course of the past few years. We know it too well : it is the only project that the government has presented to us in our lifetime. We know that public services are increasingly neglected, we know that students and patients are now addressed as “clients”, that attaining zero deficit seems to be our sole priority; that, in spite of the terrifying data that continue to surface, protecting the environment that we are to live in is the last item on the list.

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2.5 million axed from the Conseil des arts budget: an unprecedented cut (Voir)

By: The Voir web team
Originally published on June 23, 2015
Original French text here:

Photo: Hélène David, Minister of Culture & Communication, as well as Minister responsible for the protection and promotion of the French language / Credit: The Liberal Party of Québec

This morning, June 23 2015, on the eve of a national holiday, Hélène David, the Minister of Culture & Communications, announced a surprise cutback of 2.5 million dollars to the Conseil des arts et des lettres’ (CALQ) budget without specifying which programs would be affected.

The amount is considerable and could possibly affect even the Counseil’s core programs dedicated to awarding funding to various artistic organizations, but the Minister did not deny that the budgets of other crown corporations with a cultural mandate as well as direct funds from the Ministry of Culture & Communications could also be touched. The axe will likely also fall upon the funding of new initiatives under the digital culture plan. But the Minister has not given specifics about the bigger picture. The announcement comes as a surprise because it goes against the Minister’s official line since she took office in April 2014: she often stated that the CALQ was one of her priorities. Early June’s provincial budget did not include any modifications to the CALQ’s allocation, which reassured a cultural milieu worried for years now about the Conseil’s chronic under-funding.
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