Barrette accused of manipulating the numbers (Le Devoir)

By Amélie Daoust-Boisvert
Originally published on January 15, 2015
See original French text here:

Photo: Michaël Monnier Le Devoir

Québec deliberately omitted to take into account work days that they considered as too short to arrive at the conclusion that family doctors do not work enough. This strategy has been judged as dishonest by the Fédération des médecins omnipraticiens du Québec (FMOQ) [federation representing general practitioners].

Minister Gaétan Barrette has been stating, since the end of November, that 60% of doctors work less than 175 days per year, for an average of 117 days. But Québec fused “small days” of work to account only for days that bill for at least $665 of services. This represents a threshold of about seven hours of work and allows doctors to be compared to, for example, teachers, asserts the press secretary of the minister, Joanne Beauvais.

The documents that Le Devoir obtained from the cabinet of the minister in January after a request made in mid-December show in this way that for all general practitioners, the “real” average for all family doctors is rather 196 days of work per year. If we take into account only the 80% best paid doctors, which eliminates doctors working part time, the average climbs up to 216.5 days.

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