Welcome to 2015 – Year 2 of Austerity! (Le Journal de Montréal)

By Josée Legault
Originally published on: January 4, 2015
See original French version here: http://www.journaldemontreal.com/2015/01/04/bienvenue-a-2015—lan-deux-de-lausterite 

You may have missed it while you were 1) busy scraping ice, or 2) recovering from the holidays, but in Québec, 2015 will greet us with a pile of fee hikes.

Fees that only add to, it goes without saying, those of the past few years, which are also inflated.

Welcome to 2015 – Year 2 of the Era of Austerity!

As was calculated here, for a family that is said to be middle class—a concept that is increasingly “flexible” depending on the government of the moment–, they will pay an extra $1300 in 2015 only.

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