The War Waged Against Us – Manifesto by teachers against all that comes with austerity

Originally posted on March 3 2015 (circulating on social media for a few days prior)
Original French text:

Dear friends, known and unknown,

Our text does not seek to collect the signatures of either a great number of people nor of those whose certain notoriety would lend importance to this collective address. In these days when protest is marginalized by wall-to-wall security, we are betting our anonymity as a wager capable of an eventual impact. Your involvement remains essential to the dissemination of this text and its ideas. Offer it visibility and this visibility will be a new collective effort that will demonstrate that we are many behind it. If its analysis seems true to you, if you succeed in skipping over the clumsiness, metaphors or register shifts that you yourself would have avoided, then do step in where you’re needed, not simply by relaying this little text, but by being the counter-hegemonic energy we need to amass, one step at a time, against that which wages its war against us. And let’s not wait to be organized: let’s do it ourselves where we can, with our own means to be claimed or invented! This manifesto is a contribution to that idea.


We refuse the human, social, political and intellectual impoverishment that the antisocial offensive called austerity is putting the world through, making it look sinister, cynical, slavish, sorry, mediocre and a touch sadistic.

Waged to satisfy the interests of the economic elite, this offensive aims to submit all people and things, sector by sector, to the oppressive domination of commodification and almighty profit.

Having long since been set in motion, this conservative revolution is first and foremost a war waged against the collective mechanisms of wealth redistribution, of the pooling of resources in order to weather life’s vagaries. However imperfect, however incomplete they may be, public services represent the most basic agreement of solidarity stemming from our collective concern for an equitable life. And in order to defend such assets, we are ready to fight.
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