The Faces of Austerity (La Presse)

By Jeanne Larocque-Jeffrey, Community Sector Worker, Québec City Originally published on April 1, 2015 See original French text here:

The government has dashed even the faintest hopes of people with autism, downtrodden youth, immigrant mothers…

Mister Couillard,

I am a student and a protester. Don’t stop reading right away! I am also a worker. I have worked in the community sector for nearly seven years, sir. I have made the conscious decision to work without counting my hours, to weave my values into my job, to accept working conditions that are often less than glorious.

I come across many people and stories. From where I stand, Bill 10 has a name. As do the education cuts! In fact, come to think about it, name any one of your austerity measures and I can certainly put a face to each one of them. Continue reading