Occupation of the office of the Minster of Education (Facebook video)

Video by Jonathan Bédard
Posted on February 23 2015
Original French video link: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10205173227063998

Occupation of the office of the Minister of Education

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If you are watching this video, it’s because the office of the Minister of Education is currently being occupied. Having taken control of this office, we now hold control of political power. Thus we are unilaterally declaring that education will be free for the whole province. Moreover, we are increasing the funding for all educational institutions, as well as the salary of all teachers. We are effectively going against the neoliberal ideology espoused by governments in recent years. We see education as a historic social achievement, as a right accessible to all, and as the means for economic development and social progress. We also invite the other Ministers to be done with austerity. The current measures are ruining Quebec and lowering the entire population’s quality of life. Austerity has been a failure across the world because the state is the main agent in economic recovery. Instead of imposing cuts to health care, education, pensions, social assistance to the most needy, essentially to the common good, money must be taken from where it is found: in the pockets of the wealthiest employers, in the coffers of banks and corporations, instead of losing it through tax evasion, corruption, PPPs [public-private partnerships], the purchase of private medication, the Plan Nord. This action is the beginning of a far greater and wider political struggle, for social regression is not negotiable. It is fought through radical actions, union struggles, and general strikes. Further actions are to come in the future. We are the future.

It is all ours, it is all ours.
Nothing is theirs, nothing is theirs.
What they own, they have stolen, they have stolen.
Stop privatizing and reinvest, or it’s going to blow.

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While We Await the Minister of Education’s Proposals (Voir)

By Normand Baillargeon
Originally published on: January 8, 2015
See original French version here: http://voir.ca/chroniques/prise-de-tete/2015/01/08/en-attendant-les-propositions-du-ministre-de-leducation/

If we are to believe Philippe Couillard’s statement, our Minister of Education, Yves Bolduc, will soon be presenting an educational platform that will guide the Quebec Liberals for the coming years.

To propose a vision of education is admittedly a tall order. With that in mind, I will humbly use the following few lines at my disposal to outline four ideas that are simple yet crucial, in my opinion, and that I would like to find inscribed in the minster’s vision.
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A Decisive Winter for the “Québec Model” (Le Devoir)

By Laura Pelletier
Originally published on: January 3, 2015
See original French version here: http://www.ledevoir.com/politique/quebec/428022/csq-un-hiver-determinant-pour-le-modele-quebecois

Photo: Michaël Monnier, Le Devoir, The CSQ denounces how little information has been transmitted by ministers regarding the coming reforms, among them those that will affect healthcare.

The Centrale des syndicats du Québec (CSQ) intends to continue putting pressure during the winter of 2015 in order to slow down the reforms and bill projects of the liberal government in their current forms. Reviving an expression that was associated with the years 1945-1960, the president of the CSQ, Louise Chabot, declared on Friday that Québec is under thread of being resubmerged in a “great darkness”.

Ms. Chabot warns that “the year risks becoming a theatre of important social confrontations if the government does not quickly pull itself together to re-establish a real dialogue with its population and its employees.” She admits to having a challenge of “information and mobilisation” for the next year.

The president denounces especially the governmental measures being proposed in the education, health and childcare sectors, as well as the reductions in financing for cegeps and universities, the abolition of regional health agencies and the modulation, according to family revenue, of fees for subsidized daycares.

These reforms “profoundly attack” the social model adopted in Québec since the Quiet Revolution, she reckons. “In Quebec we have equipped ourselves with a range of services in the name of the common good. If these reforms in education and healthcare are adopted, it will be step back by 10, 15, 20 years,” Ms. Chabot deplored. Continue reading